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Gazakh Cement, as one of the major cement manufacturers of Azerbaijan, produces 1 million tons of cement annually and it is the largest investment project that was realized in the western region of Azerbaijan. The construction of plant was started in March of 2010, its cement production was commissioned in April 2013 and the clinker production line was employed in August 2014.

Currently the company produces sulphate-resistant cement, as well as various forms of bulk and bag cement products. The plant is provided with wide infrastructure and long-term raw material reserves to ensure the production process and transportation. Using from established infrastructure and multi-branch logistics system, cement sales to any desired area of Azerbaijan is realized In order to ensure timely delivery of products to the customers, the Logistic Centers of the company are organized in Baku and in the regions.

The plant has achieved higher customer satisfaction with quality of products manufactured within a short period of its activity. The major objective of company is to become a leading force in the construction sector in Azerbaijan and the regional level as a whole and to contribute to the national welfare of the country.

Starting from 2015, Gazakh Cement Plant had become a company realizing the export of cement-clinker for the first time in Azerbaijan.

Namely, the company had exported 130.000 tons of cement-clinker in 2016, and 200.000 tons in 2017. The company is also carrying out clinker and cement exports in 2018 according to the plan.

Location: Republic of Azerbaijan, District of Gazakh, at 1.5 km distance from Dash Salahli village

Production capacity:

Clinker production 2.500 tpd, cement production 1.000.000 tpa

Economic and social benefits of the plant

— Social economic development of regions,

— Increase and decrease of domestic production import cement in the country,

— Opening of new jobs,

The design and construction works of the plant were attracted an extensively experienced international company of “SINOMA”. The project’s software and automated management system was provided by the company of “SIEMENS”.

The plant which was built with the most advanced technology have been producing the: Sulphate-resistant cement (PPS 400 – bulk and bag), Betonsem (CEMII/A-P 42.5 R-bulk and bag), Mastersem (CEM II/B-P 32,5 R — bag), Unisem (CEM II/B-M (P-L) 32,5 R brands of cements.

Plant’s possession of favorable raw material deposits and usage from the most modern technology allows producing high quality products. In order to ensure the high quality of used raw material and produced cement, our plant has a laboratory equipped with modern equipment, where physical-mechanical and chemical testing of products and raw materials are regularly carried out.

The plant possessing favorable raw material deposits and using from the most modern technologies allows to manufacture high quality products. For maintaining high quality of used raw materials and the quality of the cement produced, our plant is equipped with modern equipment, and physical-mechanical and chemical testing of both raw materials and products is carried out on a regular basis.

The quality of raw materials and the production of cement, which is used to maintain a high level of plant-equipped laboratory with modern equipment, and raw materials on a regular basis, as well as the physical-mechanical and chemical testing of the products is carried out. The laboratory conducts chemical, physical and mechanical tests of the raw materials and products.

The plant’s overall building complex consists of 49 buildings and installations. These comprise 34 main and 15 auxiliary building and installations. Within general project scope of the cement plant construction of a number of civil, infrastructure and power facilities were enforced, building of 8 km of highway and 18 km of railway line, 15 km of external water line, 26 km of 110 kW HV electric line, erecting an automatic gas distribution station and 4 km of gas pipeline, construction of an irrigation channel and drainage amongst others were implemented. During construction of the plant special attention was also given to the building of the community infrastructure and facilities. Namely, a 56-room dormitory, a canteen for 250 people and an administrative building consisting of 69 rooms were constructed for the purpose of organizing the working and living conditions of the staff.







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