• Certified Company
  • ISO 9001: 2015

Protecting our environment is to protecting all people!

Dust Contamination

For powder reduction, dust-removing equipment is used during the production, coating type carriers are used during transportation. All discharge points of the plant are equipped with high quality dust collectors. Because of the high dust content in the steam boiler, the electric precipitator is used. The plant have 41 dust collecting units. Dust cleaners help to reduce dust by 99%.

Volume Reduction

Low-noise equipment area used, some equipment are equipped with sound and noise isolation. As a result of the vibration, the sound is reduced by means of insulation. In the central operator’s room, double-glazed windows, sound insulation units are installed. Measures have been taken to minimize the impact of the sound on the environment.

Water Purifier

Water threatment device is used in plant for purifying dirty water. Water threatment device purifies 100 m3 of dirty water per day. Captured items are captured suspension substances through the deposition. The treated water is analyzed on a quarterly basis.

Let’s Protect Living Beings

In Gazakh Cement Plant LLC, many activities have been undertaken to protect animals and increase greenery so population of our republic live in fresh air conditions. 100,000 m² parks and greeneries have been built around in the plant.



As part of its quality and environmental management system, the criteria for the performance of all processes are developed and the parameters of the technological processes are analyzed to ensure continuous improvement of production processes.


We use natural resources efficiently, minimize waste, recycle as practicable as possible, reduce harmful waste, and work with suppliers who have good environmental policies. We aim at identifying goals and targets in the field of environmental management and organize their consistent review. We identify goals and targets in the improvement of environmental management and organize their consistent review.