• Certified Company
  • ISO 9001: 2015

Occupational Safety

Gazakh Cement Plant LLC strictly adheres to occupational safety and security requirements during production process. Newly recruited employees are provided with inductions, instruction in the work place, with initial instruction and regular recurring instructional training, irrespective of their position, education, work experience, and and the instruction is noted down in the relevant journals.

The training is carried out in the HSE Division and relevant production areas with equipped visual aids. After recruitment, workers are provided with the worker uniform, Personal Protective Equipment, and the rules of their use are taught. Precautionary measures are always taken in order to prevent the risk of danger in potentially hazardous areas. Leaders and field managers in our enterprise always prefer the interests of people over other interests. Due to the occurrence and elimination of accidents regular training workshops are held with the employees to create a healthy working environment. In necessary locations of plant areas occupational safety boards are placed and fireplaces are installed in the area due to fire safety. Regularly, all innovations are applied at our plant in accordance with safety requirements.